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Beoordeel Kite Mono CC6.dark grey

Duotone Kiteboarding Kite Mono CC6.dark grey

De Duotone Kiteboarding Kite Mono Cc6-Dark Grey is op voorraad en klaar om verzonden te worden. Snel dit product van Duotone Kiteboarding in huis hebben? Bestel vandaag online en ontvang het binnen no time in huis.
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Duotone Kiteboarding Kite Mono CC6-dark grey

Completely redesigned and reinvented from scratch, the Duotone Mono is light, simple and devastatingly good. It´s a fantastic all-rounder that features just one strut and incredible handling for entry level, foiling and twintips! If you want a pure, lightweight, do-it-all kite, the Mono is it. This season the whole concept has been questioned and all sizes have been completely redesigned by Ken Winner. Low end and especially high end have significantly been improved and flutter nearly eliminated. With just one strut and very dynamic handling it is sure to excite and the benchmark in one strut kites. In light winds the performance is incredible, not only can the kite fly in the slightest of breezes, but it is also very easy to relaunch too.

Key Features:

Sits far back in the wind window, backstall nearly impossible
The positioning of the mono in the wind window has been refined to the max, ensuring the best stability and upwind performance.

Super easy, fast auto relaunch
Relaunching a one strut kite has never been easier and nearly automatic.

Light bar pressure and progressive power development
Bar pressure on the mono in general is quite light, yet with an exact feedback of power development.

Light and robust one strut design
Best combination of light weight and robustness.

Slick profile with lower aspect ratio and less flutter
Especially remarkable for a one strut kite: flutter is nearly eliminated.

4 and 5-line setup
The mono can be flown both with 4 or 5 line set up.