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Beoordeel Falcon Slalom Te 2019

Fanatic Falcon Slalom Te 2019

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No board has been tweaked, tuned, tested and tortured more than the Falcon TE in its continual quest to be the best. This board is 100 % dedicated to winning and if you want to be a winner too, then you should take a ride on a Falcon TE! These are zero compromise racing machines designed to be the fastest possible thing around a racecourse. That means blistering acceleration off the start line, warp speed down the straights, control in the chop, responsive gybing at the marks and amazing wind range. The race-winning heritage speaks Volumes: winner of multiple PWA events and countless National titles, as well as two Vice World Champion titles and two IFCA world titles. However, despite the impressive resume, the Falcon TE has established a reputation for being fast in the hands of amateur racers as well as professionals. We spend a lot of time in our development ensuring that the boards excel in the hands of lighter riders as well as our World-cup team. The Falcon TE is therefore not only one of the most potent slalom boards on the market, but also one of the most accessible. The premium super light Biax Carbon Sandwich construction further intensifies the overall performance of this range and allows the two largest sizes to be approved for foil use. The Falcon TE is as dedicated to winning as they come. The range features four updated models for 2019 including a brand new 106 designed for lighter weight riders and all-round use. So choose your size and start filling your trophy cabinet!

Merk / Type Fanatic Falcon Slalom TE 2019
Type windsurfer Race / Slalom
Volume 89/98/106/115/121/140
Lengte 235/235/235/230/230/228/228cm
Breedte 60/63/68/71.5/75/80/85cm
Gewicht volgens fabrikant TBA
Aantal voetbanden 4
Inclusief vin(nen) Nee
Aanbevolen zeiltype Race / Slalom bv Duotone S-Type of Warp
Aanbevolen zeilmaat