Ski & Snowboard backpacks

Looking for a good ski and snowboard backpacks for example, Burton, EVOC or Jones. At Eurofun we have a large collection of backpacks for the sports man or woman

Ski & Snowboard backpacks

Ski and snowboard backpacks Burton Evoc and Jones

History of the backpack
The backpack dates from the time of Otzi. The climber was 5300 years ago, a backpack with a frame to carry his belongings. The real first backpack dates from the time of Napoleon. His soldiers were wearing backpacks. The Norwegian brand Bergans backpack invented the first fully formed in the human body. In the sixties, the brothers Lowe from America invented the backpack with an internal frame. The hip belt which can now be found on every active backpack, invented by teenagers who crossed the legs of the frame in the back pocket of their pants to distribute the pressure. Over the years, the backpack has become an increasingly familiar picture on the street, but also in sports backpack has been introduced. Nothing for nothing pay engineers and product specialists lot of time developing the perfect backpack.

What should you look for when purchasing a backpack.
There are different types of backpacks on the market. There are backpacks for use at school or office and backpacks for active use such as cycling, snowboarding, hiking and skiing. The differences between the various activities is reflected in the structure of the backpack.

I want to buy a backpack for school or office?
If you need a backpack for school or office than a laptop sleeve is a must. Today, for instance Burton also provides backpacks containing an ipad sleeve so that all your gadgets with you. Often, the office or school backpacks a volume of between 20 and 30 liters. Often you do also have books or other shizzle with you, so it is a bit of volume desired. These backpacks often have additional organization pockets where your pens, telephone and the like can lose. This saves a lot of searching at the bottom of your bag. So you go on organized step. Some bags have a waist strap for extra back support and shoulder traps fitted with a transmitter that allows the bag stays in place when you eg are cycling.

I want to buy a ski or snowboard backpack?
A good backpack for active use can be recognized by a number of things. With few exceptions, the bags often with lower volume (between 11 and 20 liters). This is because it is not comfortable to go skiing or snowboarding with a large backpack. Two straps to carry your snowboard or skis is a must. Some backpacks have a retractable cable to attach your skis. For example, pockets for your goggles, hydration system (camelback) come standard. The hip belt is often fed and provided with an extra compartment for instance your phone or other small stuff. Several straps on the backpack allow to carry extra things like your helmet and ice ax. Because you put a mesh back panel which improves heat dissipation, many of these backpacks will be warmer during your activity than in everyday life. The backpack has a strap which hold the bag in place.

I want to buy an Avalanche Airbag Backpack (ABS)?
In recent years, the airbag system has been introduced in the snow sports. ABS is one of the pioneers and leaders in this field. Some manufacturers provide design backpacks for this system. The idea behind the ABS system is that you increase your operating area when you end up in an avalanche. The best example is to shake a bowl of nuts. You will see that the biggest nuts surfaced. So too does an ABS Airbag. By increasing your volume, you drift you end up above the avalanche.