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Ski helmet

Protection for skiers and snowboarders is an essential part of the ski or snowboard equipment. A fall while skiing or snowboarding is one strange and will therefore always be times during the winter. To prevent injury or worse is to contribute strongly to always recommend protection. Of course, a helmet or snowboard helmet is one of the most common forms of protection, but also for example, back protection and wrist guards see you more often on the slopes. At you will find a wide range of ski and snowboard protection such as helmets, back protectors, wrist guards and protective pants while skiing and snowboarding.

Are you looking for ski helmets, snowboard helmets, protection or protection for skiing or snowboarding. Our range protection for skiers and snowboarders, you will find a wide selection of top brands such as Burton, Dainese, Anon , Icetools, Kask , Atomic, Bern, Giro, K2 and Salomon . We advise while skiing and snowboarding always wear a certified helmet. Of course it is not wise to carry other forms of protection.

A helmet or snowboardhelme is indispensable when it comes to safety during the winter. Therefore it is not surprising that ski helmets and snowboard helmets to increase popularity rapidly. A helmet protects your head in a fall on the slopes, whether by yourself or by the action of another skier comes about. Wear a helmet during the ski velaagt the risk of serious head injury by up to 35 percent! In recent years, helmets have become more and more not only in terms of safety, but also the fit, comfort and ventilation is greatly improved.

In addition to a helmet or snowboard helmet you can also choose to go even safer on the slopes, for example, by buying and wearing a back protector (back protector), wrist guards, knee guards and protective pants. We have a wide choice of different types of protection, for while skiing or snowboarding, from many different brands.

The emergence of ski helmets and snowboard helmets are becoming more skiers aware to think about their safety on the slopes. Every year there are numerous accidents with broken bones, concussions or worse during the winter. Injury which in many cases could be easily prevented or in any case could be less by the use of protection and protectors. Thus helping wearing a back protector for damage or injury to the back of the skier or snowboarder. Wrist guards while skiing and snowboarding help against bruising or breaking bones in the wrists. The same is true for knee pads while skiing and snowboarding that protect the knees in a crash. Finally, there is the beschemingsbroek, also called short impact. This is a pair of shorts with at important places, protection to protect the thighs, buttocks and hips in a fall when you stand on skis or on a snowboard.

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