Ski Goggles

Ski Goggles

Mountains are different from our flat country. It can be delicious, but also treacherous and back cover got you so. We often see skiers spend a lot of money on their outfit and material underfoot while skibrilletje the latter was true budget went. We know from experience that when the visibility is not good, you have little pleasure from your expensive skis or snowboard. That is why we always recommend investing in a good pair of ski goggles.

What goggles do I have?

Good ski goggles come in many shapes and sizes, but a few things are decisive for us to take the goggles in the collection. We choose brands that we know that they remain under development. So we can guarantee that you as an end user will always have the best on your head down. For example, we look at types of lenses, workmanship and materials such as silecone strips in the headband. Also, the changing lenses is a point. You have super systems such as the M line of anon and Airbrake Oakley. All our goggles have filters against the harmful UVA and B rays. New in our collection are the most beautiful ski goggles from POC Sports and tough goggles by Spy Optics .

What should my goggles have minimal house?

In all our goggles are dual lenses and ventilation. The price of the goggles is dependent on what type of lens is selected. There are lenses for bad weather, they are cheaper than polarized mirror lenses. This is because the latter simply needs more treatments to get the desired result. That is also because on bright sunny days you do not want too much sunlight enters your glasses. So then choose the goggles with clear lens will not be a pleasant experience. Read more about what to look for in buying a ski mask. We have a nice buy goggles guide just for you

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