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Windsurfing lessons for kids at the Zevenhuizerplas - Rotterdam

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Windsurfing is back. The material is easier to handle and an inflatable surfboard has many advantages. For example, the inflatable sup can be used for windsurfing and also to refresh. A windsup is therefore very suitable for the whole family. How nice is it to teach your kids windsurfing.

With us on the lake behind the store we give windsurflessons all summer to kids who want to learn the sport. We have also organized an adult lesson specifically for the reintegrators. A surf lesson consists of 4 lessons and costs 99 euros including use of a wetsuit and the material. We teach classes in the morning and afternoon groups.

Windsurfing is the ultimate water sport and you can not start it early enough. You can already join 7 years thanks to inflatable sails, the I Rig.

Become a real windsurfer and take your lessons on the Zevenhuizerplas or improve your skills!

The windsurfing lessons
- Cost complete with all materials and wetsuit € 99, -
- Are for kids between 7 and 16 years old;
- To follow in 2 levels;
- Duration 2 hours and 3 minutes.

The windsurf lessons can be followed in 2 levels.

Level 1
- You have a minimum swim diploma A + B;
- You have hardly any experience with windsurfing.

Level 2
- You have a minimum swim diploma A + B;
- You have spent at least one week at Eurofun or on a tropical island;
- You can go back and forth independently;
- You can have a hoax or a pipe.

Signing up
Sign up by booking this windsurf class via our booking system. If you want more people, please add the number to the shopping cart. In the comments, enter the name of the participant (s). The registration is final once the payment is received.

Mail to Romana@eurofun.nl or call 085-273 33 11 (Option 1).

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