Windsurfing is a water sport where you go forward through a surf sail and surfboard on the water.



Windsurfing is still one of the coolest sports there is. Windsurfers found on all windsurfing equipment they need. Windsurf with the largest range of surfboards, windsurf sails, masts and booms from brands like Gaastra Naish, Neil Pryde, North, Fanatic, JP and F2, you will always find what you need as a windsurfer.

We also have accessories for windsurfing example mastverlengers, trapezes. Looking for an occassion windsurf board? Watch our used surfboards, a lot for a great price!

Plank Sailing as we used to say is one of the most beautiful sports there is. Alone or with a few friends immerse yourself in the speed or the peace windsurfing gives you. A beautiful sport where you through a surf sail and surfboard on the water moves forward with a (preferably strong) wind portion.

If you water goes to windsurfing you've needed a few things. To begin with you have a wind surfboard, a windsurfing sail, mast, boom, mastvoetverlenger, baseplate and some small necessary accessories.

Whatever you need to use a trapeze . It allows you to hang your boom through trapeze strings and can therefore surf longer because you are less tired, but your attitude is better so your speed is also higher.

Every surfer has something to find out if you are a freerider or newest tricks mastered, but maybe you're the new Dutch record holder in speed every shelf, every sail is different. You have so many choices, making it sometimes might be a bit tricky to find the right set. We can help you, therefore, to optimize your windsurf kit. In addition, we always have Eurofuncenter the best deal so you never overpaid.

Right size for your choose windsurfing gear

Surfboards wind , sails, masts and booms you have in different sizes. The windsurf boards have volume in liters as an indication how much buoyancy gives a board. Sailing operate with square meters, masts and booms with working meters / centimeters. It is always important to align well with each other and the combination of board sailing. It happens sometimes that a sail is too big or too small for a particular board. This makes the board is not to sail optimally.

What also consider is the size of the fin. This gives a certain lift and makes you straight speed and grip on the water.

Too small fin can ensure that you have a so-called spin-out get (your surfboard glides away at the back and you go sideways across the water in plate of straight), and this often results in a crash. However, too large fin has so much to lift your board is not properly control and the board rises continuously from the water. There are several brands that produce fins and on sites of these brands or on our webshop to find its schematics how big your fin must be combination of your sail. As a rule, usually the more you sail, the more you should be vin.

At Eurofuncenter we always have several complete windsurf sets in the offer to be completed in one fell swoop with a brand new set. These sets are always ready to go!