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Windsurfing is back. The material is easier to handle and an inflatable surfboard has many advantages. Sure to learn it. The inflatable sup can be used for windsurfing but also for paddle boarding. Ideal for the family. A windsup is ideal for the whole family. How nice is it to teach your kids to windsurf and get out on the water in a sporty way

At the Zevenhuizerplas (Rotterdam) behind our shop, we give windsurfing lessons throughout the summer holidays to groups of kids between 7 and 16 years old who would like to learn the sport. A surf lesson consists of 4 lessons and costs 99 euros including use of a wetsuit and the material. We teach morning groups (level 1) and afternoon groups (level 2).

Windsurfing is the ultimate water sport and you cannot start early enough ... You can now participate from the age of 7 thanks to inflatable sails, the IRig.
Become a real windsurfer and make your first meters on the Zevenhuizerplas or improve your skills!

The windsurfing lessons

Summer vacation windsurfing lessons Level 1 & 2:
- Are given at the Zevenhuizerplas in Zevenhuizen (Rotterdam)
- Costs complete with all materials and wetsuit € 99
- Are for kids between 7 and 16 years old
- Can be followed in 2 levels;
- Lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes.


The windsurfing lessons can be followed in 2 levels.

Level 1
- You have a minimum swimming certificate A + B;
- You have little or no experience with surfing.

Level 2
- You have a minimum swimming certificate A + B;
- You have surfed for at least a week at Eurofun or on a tropical island;
- You can independently sail back and forth;
- You can tack or jibe.

Pay attention: the lessons wil only be canceled or rescheduled by Eurofuncenter, if it is not safe to go out on the water. Dates wil not be exchanged because of too much or too little wind.


Book your lesson by choosing which level you want to register for. Fill in the details of the participants. Availability is then shown. Click on book and you will be redirected to the payment environment. Here you pay safely and in a private environment.

Every summer vacation windsurfing lesson is a 4 day course. The dates indicated on the booking form are the start dates.

Level 1 lessons : 10:00 AM - 12:45 PM
Level 2 lessons : 1:30 PM - 4:15 PM

Dates May vacation:
- Tue 4 to Fri 7 May
- Tue 11 t/m 14 May

Dates Summer vacation windsurfing lessons:
- Tue 20 Jul to Fri 23 Jul
- Tue 27 Jul to Fri 30 Jul
- Tue 03 Aug to Fri 07 Aug
- Tue 10 Aug to Fri 13 Aug
- Tue 17 Aug to Fri 20 Aug
- Tue 24 Aug to Fri 27 Aug

Is the desired date not listed below in the options? Then this lesson is already fully booked.

Are the lessons that you had in mind fully booked? Take a look at our other company The Brunotti Beachclub, there are great Surf Camps all summer long! More info via:

Mail to [email protected] or call 085-273 33 11 (option 1).