Are you an experienced windsurfer or are you just starting windsurfing? Eurofun.nl has a suitable trapeze for every windsurfer. Roughly speaking, you only have 2 types of windsurf trapezes: a sit trapeze or hip trapeze. The opinions are of course divided as to what is the best, but in general you can easily make a choice between a hip or a trapeze. Are you a real freerider or racing fanatic? Then a seat trapeze is probably best for you. A sit trapeze will namely let the windsurfer "sit" and relax surfing with great comfort and control. The hook is also somewhat lower, which means that the center of gravity is also somewhat lower. This allows you to easily 'close' your sail and make optimum use of the wind and your square meters of sail.

Freestyle, wave, freemove, freeride and new generation windsurfers, however, more often opt for a hip trapeze. These trapezes give you much more freedom of movement and support in the back. With freestyle and wave windsurfing you sometimes turn your whole body into impossible poses. Then a trapeze that allows this is not indispensable. With a hip-trapeze you also stand a bit more straight on your plank, which means that sailing with small sails is not in the often-mentioned "poo position", but rather a nice right to be able to generate optimum speed. What is also important to know is that you cannot kite surf with a windsurf trapeze because of the lack of attachment points for, among other things, a safety lease, often also missing a so-called 'spreader bar' causes problems. The shape of the hook is often slightly different so that you cannot safely kite surf with a windsurf trapeze. However, the other way around is possible because you do not need special fixing points for safety systems when windsurfing.