Mauritius here we come!

You know the videos and the stories. You want to go there! You must have been there! But with whom? And where should you be? Here's the answer! In addition to our winter sports trip, we have decided to organize a unique full service customer journey together with Top of Sports. From the moment you arrive in Mauritius, we have arranged everything for you: your transfer to Le Morne, a luxury villa with swimming pool, own transportation on site, breakfast, dinners, swimming with dolphins etc. All you have to do is… enjoy with like-minded!

Mauritius is an independent republic in the Indian Ocean, approximately 11.5 hours from Amsterdam. The country is approximately 855 km east of Madagascar and approximately 1800 km east of mainland Africa. Mauritius is counted among the African countries. Mauritius is characterized by a pleasant and pleasant subtropical climate supplemented by good wind conditions.

The Spot :
We stay in Le Morne, the most southwestern tip of the island with the famous mountain the Brabant. Here we find the hip deep infinitely large lagoon. Ideal for fans of flat water and of course unique for beginners. You can also go into the waves from the same starting location on the beach. Because of the location of a reef there are beautiful waves with different heights and levels of difficulty. This combination makes the location unique for both beginners and advanced kiters and wind surfers. This trip is therefore suitable for wind and kite surfers of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced person, Mauritius will not disappoint you.

What can you expect when you go:

Travel date: 4 - 14 October 2019
Location: Mauritius
Kite & Windsurf trip for beginners, advanced and expert level kiters and windsurfers
Limited number of participants (20 to 30 people)

- Stay in luxury villa with swimming pool on a half board basis.
- 2 people per room.
- Travel 10 days, 8 days on location
- Transfer from and to the airport
- A number of Pick Ups for transportation on site.
- Excursion swimming with wild dolphins
- kite surfing in a tropical location.
- Clinic of World Cup Pro about the do's and don'ts at this spot.

Price € 999 per person

- Kitesurfing lessons for beginners (10 - 12 and 14 - 16 hours )
- Cancellation insurance
- Travel insurance
- Flight

Flight ( book yourself ) Amsterdam - Mauritius
Friday, October 4 9.40 pm - 11.25 am arrival

Monday, October 14 8:55 am - 6:55 pm arrival in Amsterdam
Costs approx. € 950.00

More affordable options are with a stopover. However, then no transfer is arranged.