Mastverlenger Aluminium
Mastverlenger Carbon
Duotone Windsurfing
Carbon_Xtender Platinum RDM or SDM 40 cm
Duotone Windsurfing
Mastverlenger EPX.XT SDM
Duotone Windsurfing
Mastextension Power.XT 2.0 SDM
Duotone Windsurfing Mastverlenger Uni XT SDM
Duotone Windsurfing
Mastverlenger Uni XT SDM
€105,00 €79,95
Mastverlenger Uxt Sdm
Neilpryde Mast extension UXT SDM
Mast extension UXT SDM
€159,00 €119,00
North-Windsurf Uni XT SDM 2018
Uni XT SDM 2018
€99,99 €79,99
Prolimit 15/30/45 cm SDM Extension
15/30/45 cm SDM Extension
€45,99 €39,95
Prolimit 30 or 45 cm Alu RDM Extention
30 or 45 cm Alu RDM Extention
€54,99 €44,95

Are you looking for a mast extruder for your windsurf mast? View the range of mast extenders from Extend your mast with a mast extender from Aeron, Chinook, Northsails or Ga-Sails. The mast extenders are available in various sizes and in both aluminum and carbon versions. When purchasing a mast extruder, take into account the thickness of your mast (SDM or RDM). Tucking your sail is of course an activity that you prefer to spend as little time as possible. You want the water as soon as possible! Therefore choose a good and reliable mast extenders. This will help you to rig your sail as well as possible and to stand as safely as possible on the water. The different mast extenders that we offer at Eurofuncenter vary in brand, length, material, system and location of the pulleys.

Length of mast extension

Look in advance at the size the sail needs and which is your mast. Make sure you do not buy a mast extender too big or too small, but always keep a little margin. You will probably always need something longer than, is indicated and you do not want to find out if you are on the waterfront.

Material mast extenders

There are roughly 2 types of materials that are used in mast extenders: Aluminum and Carbon. The advantages of a carbon extender are that they are obviously a lot lighter. They are therefore somewhat more vulnerable but like all your windsurfing equipment you have to handle this carefully. It is better not to use a carbon extender in the extremely large race, because this gives you so much strength that your extender can even break! Then use a strong racing extender of aluminum.

Mast Extender Systems

There are currently only 2 commonly used systems to connect the baseplate to the mast extenders. These 2 systems are called UXT or MXT. Neilpyde has been making MXT systems for a long time and this is different from the normal UXT pin. With an MXT you do not use a metal pin that goes into the mastpot or extender but larger plastic block. The advantage of an MXT system is that instead of a diabolo you have a tendon as a link between your mast and your board so that your sail is closer to your board (link is a lot shorter) you are just a bit more direct. However, the most commonly used systems are still the standard pin (UXT).

Way of pulleys
You have pulleys on the bottom of your sail. Your sail harnesses the easiest if these pulleys are parallel to your mat foot / extender. There are mast foot extenders where the pulleys are perpendicular to the mast but also rotated 90 degrees.