Brunotti RDP
Mitten Open Palm Glove 2mm Black
Brunotti RDP
Pre Curved Glove 3mm Black
Claw Gloves 3/2

Don't colder days prevent you from surfing? Then you definitely need surf gloves to stay nice and warm and to keep your grip on while surfing. We recommend that you buy well-fitting surf gloves and if you need advice you can of course always visit one of our surf shops ! We have surf gloves from top brands Brunotti and ION.

While surfing in colder water, you can lose a lot of heat and with it your pleasure in the session. So make sure you are always warmly dressed with the right materials to enjoy your water sport for hours! You lose heat the quickest through the body ends such as hands, feet and head. We therefore advise all surfers to use surf gloves, surf shoes and a hood / beanie in addition to a wetsuit .

Surf gloves are made of neoprene, just like wetsuits. This material can be produced in different thicknesses and is therefore perfectly suited to keep you warm in the conditions in which you are going to surf. When purchasing surf gloves, therefore first ask yourself at what temperatures you intend to go on the water. In addition, it is of the utmost importance that the glove fits tightly and closes neatly around your wrists, so that it does not let in water. Because if water can run into the glove, the glove loses the heat-retaining effect and you still get cold hands. Also keep in mind that neoprene in water always expands slightly compared to dry passes.

There are gloves with 5 fingers, but also with 3 fingers; these hold the little finger and ring finger together and the middle finger and index finger together, so that more heat conduction between the fingers can take place. There are also gloves without finger tips and surf gloves available, but keep in mind that the thicker the glove, the less grip and feeling you will have with your bar.

Feel free to visit one of our stores for more tips and customized advice.