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Surfschoen Reef 3 mm
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If you prefer warm feet and a lot of grip during your surfing sessions, then you should definitely buy surf shoes. Surf shoes are similar to water shoes, but better qualitatively tailored to the needs of water sports enthusiasts. In our shops you will find surf shoes from Brunotti , ION and Prolimit , available in different heights, types and colors. Feel free to visit our store to adjust and for customized advice!

Most surf shoes are made of neoprene and a hard sole. In addition, there are also variants that incorporate a special inner lining and draw cords to make the shoe fit better around the ankle.

The neoprene ensures that the surf shoe provides sufficient heat for the conditions in which you take to the water. When purchasing your surf shoes, first of all bear in mind that you are buying the right thickness of neoprene. You should also pay attention to the height of the shoe; the colder the water, the higher the shoe. In some cases we talk about a boot, in other cases about a sock (depending on the thickness of the neoprene). But the idea is also to protect the ankle and sometimes even a part of the shins from the cold, because it is precisely these body ends that lose heat more easily. This also applies to the hands and head, so definitely consider buying surf gloves and a hood / beanie for the cold water.

Also for surf shoes, just like wetsuits , the better the neoprene closes around your body, the better it will do its job to keep you warm. If the shoes are just a bit too spacious, they will be filled with (cold) water and you will get cold feet guaranteed.

Another important function of surf shoes is to protect your feet against sharp objects in the water, such as rocks, shells and sea urchins on the bottom. For this reason it is important to also look critically at the sole of the surf shoe; is it strong enough and does it feel good on your foot? The sole also helps to give you more grip on your surfboard, so pay attention to the underside of the sole and the profile / material.

The most important points to consider when buying surf shoes are: is the shoe thick enough and you have sufficient grip. Keep in mind that the thicker the shoe, the less board feeling you will have and that this also reduces your grip and control. For this reason there is another variation in the surfing shoe possibilities, namely the 'split toe'. The big toe is then separated from your other toes (like with a flip flop), so you get a little more grip on your board and your board feeling is better. Another variant is the 'round toe', where all the toes are in the same compartment of the shoe, as is the case with normal shoes. Everyone has their own preference in this, so it is definitely advisable to give it a try before you buy a shoe. Feel free to visit one of our surf shops for this .