Seat Cover Black
Changing Mat/Wetbag
Neoprene Glue

As a surfer and water sports enthusiast , you will undoubtedly know how fine the neoprene material is, from which, for example, wetsuits , surf shoes , surf gloves , caps and jackets and hoodies are made. Great during colder days or when you are close to (salt) water. Neoprene is not easily attacked by salt, dries easily and quickly when it gets wet and keeps your body warm when you are in cold water or a bleak wind.

That is why nowadays many more products are made from neoprene, ideal for a day of surfing, going to the beach or on the way back!

Think of neoprene wet / dry bags to transport your things in, a wetsuit bucket to rinse your wetsuit out after a nice surfing session or a handy seat cover that you can place in the car, so that your car seat stays dry and clean.

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