A shorty is another name for a short wetsuit. Shorties generally have both short sleeves and trouser legs and are mainly suitable for spring, summer and fall. But they are also available in the combinations: long sleeves with short legs, short sleeves with long legs, long sleeves with half-length legs and even without sleeves with half-length legs. For women there are even the variants without trouser legs or without sleeves, which makes it look a lot like a bathing suit. Because of all these combinations, there are many fashionable and stylish shorties available. In fact, anything that does not qualify as a 'full wetsuit' falls under the shorties.

If you are planning to buy a ladies shorty, you have a wide choice from different brands such as Brunotti RDP and ION .

What should you pay attention to when buying a ladies shorty?

Just like a women's wetsuit , a shorty should have the right fit and it should fit your body and shape nicely. This determines the amount of water that runs into your suit and thus also how hot or cold you will be. So you want a shorty to 'fit' around your body. When fitting, keep in mind that a shorty is also made of neoprene and will therefore stretch a bit when you are in the water.

In general, shorties are made of thinner neoprene, as they must be suitable for warmer weather and water conditions. This also makes shorties a bit more flexible and you feel less that you are wearing one than with a full wetsuit. This makes shorties more comfortable and more pleasant to wear.

Shorties are available in variants with and without a thermo inner layer, key pocket, front or back zip and other accessories. If you want more advice about buying a men's shorty, feel free to visit the store for tailor-made advice.