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Wakeboards buying advice

There are many different types of wakeboards that are designed for different types of wakeboard styles, but which wakeboard is really suitable for you? We will guide you through the key features of wakeboards, and indicate several things that you should take into account when buying a new wakeboard. With the right board for your level and driving style you can start on the right foot and have the most fun on the water.

Choosing the right wakeboard length

The size of the wakeboard that you ride will depend on your weight and driving style. Each specific wakeboard has specific dimensions for the weight of the rider. If several people use your wakeboard, base your selection on the weight of the rider who is the most or the heaviest. Wakeboarders can become very frustrated with wakeboards that are not long enough for them to float sufficiently. However, there is a range in length of the wakeboard that you can drive. Here are some reasons why you can opt for a longer or shorter wakeboard.

Wakeboard size chart

Rider weight Kg Wakeboard Length (cm)







77 - 115


90 - 125

> 144


Shorter wakeboards

Some wakeboarders like to ride a shorter board. The feeling you get from a shorter wakeboard depends on the shape of the board, but in general shorter boards are slower and take up more energy to move through the water (the more surface the board has on the water) , the faster it will move across the surface). However, a shorter wakeboard is easier to turn and maneuver in the air when you turn or fly over the wake. However, the smaller surface makes the landings more difficult and the nose may tend to swallow water, allowing your nose and the rest of your face to view the water closely.

Longer Wakeboards

Longer wakeboards are usually easier to drive and to learn the sport with, they give a solid sense of better confidence. Longer wakeboards are heavier, which means that you work harder against the weight in the air, but you also get more control, so longer boards are great for learning the first tricks. A longer wakeboard has more surface, so that it lies nicely on the water and moves quickly through the water. The larger surface of a longer wakeboard gives softer landings.

Wakeboard shapes

There are different wakeboard shapes available for different styles. In general, anyone can ride a wakeboard on any shape, as long as it is large enough. Some shapes make it easier to learn, but a "beginner" should not be afraid of an "advanced" shape of the board. Even an "advanced" rider will not be immediately restricted by riding on a "starting" shape of the wakeboard. The most important factor is choosing the right size. Choosing a wakeboard is a personal preference and should be fun. Let your curiosity determine the shape and of course your graphic preferences may play a role in your decision.

Are you a beginner-intermediate wakeboarder

If you have never wakeboarded before, go out on the water once in a while, or have just taken the first steps, check out beginners and intermediate wakeboards. In general, these wakeboards have a continuous rocker or soft 3-stage rocker and have a favorable price. Often in combination deal with a bond.

Are you an intermediate - advanced wakeboarder?

If you can wake in both directions (left and right foot in front) then take a look at the intermediate advanced wakeboards. There is a lot of variation in this category, so make sure you read the wakeboard features below to understand which functions complement your driving style before you decide which wakeboard it will be.

Are you an advanced wakeboarder?

If you know how to rotate in the air, and you are trying to do new tricks, and the objects in the water have no secrets for you, look at the advanced wakeboards. In general, these wakeboards have an aggressive continuous or 3-stage rocker and are less forgiving. These are often professional wakeboards for advanced users. Characteristics of these boards are reactive to your input, stronger because of the blows they have to handle, but still light. These boards also have a more expensive price tag

Now that you understand your skill level, you will learn how the different characteristics of a wakeboard will influence the feeling of your ride.

Wakeboard Rocker and driving style

Continuous rocker shape wakeboard

A continuous rocker has one smooth, liquid, curved shape. Wakeboards with a continuous rocker ensure fast and smooth journeys. This rocker makes it easier to make turns. You can generate a lot of speed on a continuous rocker wakeboard. Speed and a very predictable pop (height) are standard features of such a rocker construction. Continuous rocker wakeboards are great for cutting into the water, especially on those glassy, smooth morning sessions.

3-stage rocker wakeboard

A wakeboard with a 3-stage rocker has three different planes on the bottom of the board. A 3-stage rocker ensures that your wakeboard reacts with more pop (height) when you get to the wake. More rocker is not always better. With a larger rocker, a wakeboard has a looser or smoother feel on the water surface. In addition, this shape ensures that the board plows through the water instead of cutting through it, making the board slower. Your fins become less effective and you have to rely more on the edge of the wakeboard. Boards with 3-stage rocker have a flat place that makes the impact of the landings more intense and give a slow feeling after landing.

Hybrid rocker

Hybrid 3-stage, Abrupt Constant, Blended 3-Stage, Hybrid Rocker are all names given to rocker profiles that live somewhere between a constant and 3-Stage Rocker. Each brand and board offers a different combination.


The most recent wakeboard profile, camber, is inspired by classic ski and snowboard shapes. Camber allows you to ride more centered than a continuous or 3-stage rocker line and completely changes your weight distribution on the water. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised once you have mastered it!

Wakeboard concepts and materials


These are basically dents in the bottom of your wakeboard that create a lift and act as accelerators so that the board will be higher in the water and will cruise like a hovercraft. You gotta have it.


The channels work like long fins at the bottom of the board and break the surface tension before the rest of the wakeboard hits the water. The result is more grip in the water.


Wakeboards without fins or channels are considered featureless. A floor without features leaves the performance to the shape of the wakeboard. The general shape, the rocker and the fin arrangement under your board will determine the behavior of the board.

Base material

If you spend a lot of time on sliders and objects, then a good base is essential. This keeps your board longer the board you fell in love with.

Gravel base

Gravel bases have been developed for the cable boys and girls who show their tricks on the objects on the track. This base ensures extreme durability of the wakeboard.

Sharp edge wakeboard

The sharper the edge or rail, the more aggressive the wakeboard will be, resulting in better acceleration and higher speed. The disadvantage of a sharp edge is that it can provide a cant, which results in a nice bang with your face on the water. A sharp edge is less forgiving than its rounded counterpart. Riders who like surface tricks or slides are advised to look for wakeboards with a round or variable edge to give a looser feeling. Wakeboarders who love hard carving will feel at home on a board with a sharper rail.

Variable sides

These give you a mix of feel and performance that you find in sharp versus boards with rounded edges. The boards with variable edges have different sharpness in the middle relative to the tip and tail of the board. Variable edges are thicker and rounder (softer) in the center of the wakeboard and are becoming thinner (sharper) towards the tip and tail.

The variable edge ensures that the wakeboard maintains a high level of tracking / grip while edge is edging, while at the same time you get a soft, forgiving edge for sliding and other tricks. The variable edge, "soft to sharp" pattern, provides lift and pop to the center of the board and the thinner edges to the ends make the wakeboard faster and better suited for carving on the water.

Wakeboard fins

Fins are like claws that hold the water, depending on the number, size and placement on the wakeboard.

Wakeboard fins

Deeper or longer fins ensure a more stable wakeboard and reduce the ability to use the board for any tricks. Novice riders often benefit from longer fins for better grip and confidence. As you get better, you can loosen the board by removing the fins or selecting a board with no fins.

Removable versus molded wakeboard fins

Detachable wakeboard fins can be unscrewed and removed from the wakeboard while molded-in fins are poured into the wakeboard and do not come loose. Molded fins are more durable on slides. Interchangeable fins give you more options to adjust the performance of your wakeboard.

Fins maintenance

Regularly check whether the fin screws are properly attached to the wakeboard. The fins and screws do not float. If you have damaged the removable fins, you can sand them or buy new ones.

Wakeboard weight

How does weight affect performance?


Lightweight wakeboards are a pleasure to ride. Lightweight wakeboards provide smooth boarding and easy maneuvering without extra weight. Wake manufacturers are constantly developing new materials and technology to make lighter wakeboards. Upgrading to a super light board is like swapping your Fiat Panda for a Ferrari, it's light, fun, fast, but unfortunately with a higher price tag.

Wakeboard maintenance

Always keep your wakeboard out of the sun. The sun damages the lamination of the board, just like your skin. Rinse your equipment with fresh water after use. Protect your investment with a wakeboard bag for storage and transport. Good board bags protect against bumps, scratches and long exposure to the sun. Make sure you dry your wakeboard before you leave it in the bag for a long time. Store your equipment in a cool, dry place.

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