We have one of the largest selections of wake and impact vests on the web and super knowledgeable staff to help you make a good decision. When orientating for a new wake vest that is suitable for you, you must take into account the size, material and performance of the vest. Wakeboard vests must be easy and comfortable to wear. New designs and materials ensure that wake vests become more comfortable and less visible every year. Even if you do not need a CE-ISO Standard wake vest for your wake adventures, it is nice to keep your head above water and protect your body against bumps and bangs in the cable park!

The size of a wakeboard vest?

One size is not for everyone. Vigilance vests come in many sizes. Determine the right size of the wakeboard vest by measuring the thickest part of your chest and checking the specific size chart of the vest. Since most wakeboard jackets fit well, make sure that men, women and children each have their own jackets. A wakevest must be tight, but in such a way that you can continue to breathe.

Why a neoprene wakeboard vest

Almost all wake vests use a kind of neoprene construction. Neoprene jackets are true to form, soft, offer mobility and stay warmer than the traditional older life jackets in all nylon-style. These jackets are lighter in weight, super flexible and will float you, but may not keep your head completely out of the water. Use this when you are looking to stay warm and / or have some protection against impact in the cable car.