About Volcom

Volcom was founded in 1991 by two friends Richard "Wooly" Woolcott and Tucker "T-Dawg". During the snowboarding in Tahoe they decided to start a clothing brand. Since then, Volcom offers freedom for snowboarders , skaters and surfers. The clothing gives you all the space to push your limits in these sports. Boardsporters are the contemporary style icons, which is reflected in a collection that embraces this idea. By letting the mind run wild, the brand is convinced that art, film and music and fashion fit seamlessly into the sporting challenges.

The Volcom collection consists of sporty hoodies and t-shirts. the iconic Stone logo is well represented on these shirts. The outerwear line is recognizable by beautiful fabrics, sporty and well-fitting styles. With Volcom, both must function. So beautiful, but also have to offer performance.

Volcom is a boardsport brand for rockers

Volcom is a way of living and you see that in the materials used for the products. With GoreTex and Thermal Defense, the jackets are resistant to the harshest conditions. The jackets have been styled for a long time to keep the snow and other "trouble" out of the door. The materials are made to give you the best experience imaginable. The Volcom clothing is good and comfortable.

Volcom for freedom, art and music

Besides clothing and outerwear, we also have caps and beanies from Volcom. That Volcom is a popular brand, you can deduce that the brand even has its own wikipedia page.