Tabou Boards 3S Classic LTD 2020
Tabou Boards
3S Classic LTD 2020
€1.999,00 €1.449,00
Tabou Boards Air Ride MTE 2020
Tabou Boards
Air Ride MTE 2020
€1.499,00 €1.149,00
Tabou Boards Rocket Plus MTE 2020
Tabou Boards
Rocket Plus MTE 2020
€1.499,00 €1.199,00


In 1991 the Frenchman Fabien Vollenweider started the Tabou brand. As a stressed windsurfer and passion for design, he conjured up windsurfboards from his pen that guaranteed performance and ease of use. In his 20 years of experience as a shaper, he worked together with the world top from the windsurfing scene. Tabou is known as one of the best board brands in the world. Performance and ease of use under all circumstances are the pillars on which the brand is built.

Tabou-Boards Wave / freestyle

Tabou builds boards for the demanding waverider, freestyler, freerider and racer. A board is available for every type of windsurfer in a small, well-arranged collection. In the wave / cross series we have the old well-known Da curve. A terrible wave cannon, the new pocket is for the new school waver who is looking for an all-rounder, the best known of the line is the 3S. This is a wave, freestyle and freeride board in one. Available in 2 different construction methods. LTD (light) and CED (slightly heavier).

Tabou-boards Freeriders

The best known freeride board from Tabou is the rocket. This board with its traditional shape guarantees many hours of sailing pleasure. Especially in combination with the Ga-Sails Matrix or Cosmic you have a real bang set in your hands. For lighter weather there is the Rocket Wide. This board plans faster in lighter weather conditions. If you want to race but no racing budget, there is the Speedster. High end speed at an affordable price. For the returning windsurfer there is the Bullit. This budget freeride board has good planing properties and due to its rugged construction, it can also take a beating.

Tabou-boards Race / Slalom

For whom speed is a thing, there is the Manta. This cannon on the water gives you the edge over your buddies during your windsurfing sessions. Certainly in combination with a Ga-Sails Warp or vapor you have an unbeatable combination in your hands. Check our tabou-boards collection and choose the board of your choice