Oakley ski goggles, a piece of excellence engineering

With Oakley ski goggles in your hands you have a piece of outstanding engineering in your hands. Designed with only one goal and that is to ensure that you experience your sport in the best way. Whether you are a skier or snowboarder. Oakley was and is the first brand to realize that a lens could be cut into a spherical shape. This was a revolution in the field of ski goggles and ensured that users could perform better. After all, you want to see where you are going and the better the view, the better you go down the mountain.

Oakley Prizm, the new standard in lens technology

The Prizm lens is a lens that filters certain colors from the spectrum, increasing the contrast in the glasses. This already has the advantage that on the days that you have flat light (dusk type) or cloudy days, your view simply remains optimal. Even when you enter an open area from the trees at high speed you will not have to squeeze your eyes as your lens already does that for you. Check the video where Oakley shows what wearing ski goggles with Prizm technology means. The Prizm Technology was introduced during the Olympic Games in Sochi. Nowadays, the lenses are included in most of the Oakley ski goggles collection


Oakley High Definition Optics

As long as Oakley exists they use HDO which is an abbreviation for High Definition Optics. This technology ensures a super sharp image, regardless of the circumstances. In addition to super sharp, the HDO also ensures that the image you see is not distorted. That way you can keep your focus during the descent or run in the half pipe. The HDO technology can be found in the ski goggles, but also in the sun and sports glasses from Oakley.

Oakley Impact Protection

With Oakley ski goggles you can assume that your eyes are well protected. Not only against harmful UVA + B rays, but also against external impact. Oakley lenses are known for their bullitproof character. The lenses are tested under extreme conditions with two variables' weight and speed. On both the lenses score well and protect you against, for example, branches of trees or a lost ski pole. Plutonite is a major part of the secret. This plastic specially developed by Oakley for is purer than a standard polycarbonate. These lenses give unparalleled performance to the lens when it comes to impact protection. Handy when you hit the mountain at a high speed. To test these lenses, steel balls are shot at a speed of more than 150 kilometers per hour.

Oakley F3 Anti-fog coating

The Oakley lenses are treated with an anti-fog coating. In combination with the double lens, the chance of covering your ski goggles is therefore minimal. A double lens has the same function as double glazing in your house. The lens retains the heat that you release through your face. This in combination with the various ventilation holes in the lens ensures that the glasses do not fog up.

Oakley Thermonuclear Protection

An invisible form of radiation does not predict much good. Many people incur (snow) welding blindness annually due to an overdose of too many UVA + B rays. You don't feel UV rays, but it will damage your eyes if you don't protect them against it. Even when there is a cloud deck, the harmful rays come through. The Plutonite lenses from Oakley filter every form of radiation from the light that enters the glasses. In this way you are assured of a permanent good view. Check the Oakley website for more information about all Oakley technologies

Oakley Ski goggles

The frames of Oakley are made from the in-house developed O-Matter. This extremely strong and flexible fabric ensures that the ski goggles come out of the mold seamlessly and perfectly and also retain this shape. with a fall your frame won't break. Even when it is less than twenty degrees. The triple foam layer in combination with the O-Matter frame makes the ski goggles sit like a glove. The thin fleece layer ensures that it is comfortable on your face. Since you like to be on the slopes from the first to the last lift, not unimportant!

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