Holmenkol! Ski and snowboard wax and maintenance products.

Winter sports is about fun. A few good waxed skis or snowboard will increase your winter sports fun by 100%. In addition, a well-waxed layer provides extra protection against drying out. Holmenkol is the ski and snowboard maintenance brand which provides professional wax and tuning equipment for the active skier and snowboarder. Thanks to the experience in ski and snowboard sports, Holmenkol provides the means to maintain your equipment top. Holmenkol provides all kinds of wax to let your stuff glide optimally in any snow.

Which Holmenkol wax do I need

There are many types of wax on the market. Which do you need. Do you go for the fastest time on your winter sports app or are you more of the relaxed descents. Anyway, it must be nice to slide. For the do-it-yourselfers among us, we have various all-round waxing in stock and we can also provide you with race-fluorine-turbo waxing. What we always have in stock are these waxing and grinding materials.

Holmenkol Betamix Red. The basic wax. Ideal to use as the first wax layer.
Holmenkol Alphamix Yellow. For the warmer temperatures and good to use to clean skis / snowboards.
Holmenkol Ultramix Blue. For the colder temperatures
Holmenkol Indoor hot wax. Because the wax is harder than the other 3, this is the perfect base for when you ski a lot indoors or snowboard.

Grinding material:
Holmenkol sharpeners
Holmenkol scrapers
Holmenkol Wax Fleece. Ideal for removing excess wax
Holmenkol Wax irons
Holmenkol Diamond stones for super smooth steel sides

Complete sets
Holmenkol complete maintenance kits. Includes wax, scrapers and wax irons
Holmenkol brush sets to make your skin super smooth with a separately sold accutol

Holmenkol on the slopes at hand

For the quick fix and to give your material a lick of wax on the day itself, there is the Holmenkol Natural Wax Fluid and the Holmenkol Natural Wax. This type of wax easily stops in your backpack or jacket pocket. This wax is equipped with an applicator with which you can easily spread the wax on your ski or snowboard. Ideal for the quick fix. For the serious waxwork we have various types of waxes which have to be applied with an iron. Now you can of course take those of your mother or wife, but we recommend using a wax iron. That saves an overheated woman / mother and eventually the wax better with it.

Holmenkol for smooth steel sides

Now we have only talked about wax, but your steel edges are also important. A small stone can already cause annoying blackberries. With the grinding tools from Holmenkol you ensure that your steel edges stay in tip-top condition during your winter sports. For the real pro people we have complete ski maintenance sets and speedbrush sets in the range. Here is everything to make your winter sports quiver in order for the next ski day.

Want to know how to wax your own board or ski. Holmenkol has various instructional videos