Duotone Windsurfing

The entire kitworld was turned upside down because North Kiteboarding became Duotone. In the windsurf we heard some less overwrought reactions, but North Windsurfing becomes Duotone Windsurfing. Let's face it, the sails have the same engineers as the North sails, so we expect little fluctuation except the looks and the logo. The same quality standards will be used.

Which windsurfing sails brings Duotone Windsurfing

As far as we know, the entire North program is maintained. So eg the idol, e-type, s-type and warp will just be available again, only now under the name Duotone

And the windsurf accessories from Duotone

Of course, the famous mast extenders such as the powerXT and the Uni will be in the program again. Just like the booms and masts according to the well-known recipe.