True Kiteboarding with Duotone!

The king is dead, long live the king! North Kiteboarding becomes Duotone Kiteboarding. The entire design, riders and development team has gone with this new brand. The great thing is that nothing has changed for you as a customer of North Kiteboarding. The entire new Duotone collection fits completely on the North line. Material, design, names etc are full of North .. euuuhhh Duotone. So your old Quad bar just fits a new Dice and vice versa. So in the end the transition is more the logo, than that very big design adjustments have been made. And that's fine, as there was little to see on North kiteboarding.

Which Duotone kites are coming?

The names of North are implemented in the new Duotone line. So the Vegas, Rebel, Dice, Evo and Neo will be re-entered anyway. In addition, later in the season the Mono, Juice and Ace. We expect the first three somewhere in early August in our stores. For all kites from Duotone look at our kit department

And the Duotone kiteboards?

Duotone comes with a whole series of kiteboards based on the famous names of North. The Duotone Twintips are called the Soleil, Gambler, Team, Jaime, select, Gonzales and Spike. The Duotone Directionals are again called the Wam, Whip, Nugget and the Quest. What is new is the flatwater freestyle board the Pro Voke.

Duotone Kitebarren

The name has also changed, but nothing has changed in the designs and the indications. The only thing new in the Duotone line is the possibility to buy a narrower Quad or clickbar. So instead of 52cm the bar in size S is only 47cm wide. This results in a bar that allows you to book better perormance with smaller kites during kiting. The bars and separately available kits are still interchangeable with each other. In the meantime there are 4 possibilities. The wakestyle, Freestyle, Freeride and Rope Harness kit are available for every Duotone quad-bar. Perhaps unnecessary to tell, but every Duotone bar is interchangeable with every type of kitem brand.

Kit accessories from Duotone

The kiteboardbags and for example trapeze's are directly derived from ION, the accessory brand that is part of Duotone. The line bags range from bags for one board to bags with 2 boards and 4 kites. So for every trip there is a boardbag from Duotone. Of course the traction pads, kit vest and pads such as the Vario combo and Entity combo are included in the Duotone product range.

Read more about the transition from North Kiteboarding to Duotone in this article! More info can be found on the website of Duotone Kiteboarding