Burton Cartel Black
Cartel Black
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Meanwhile a classic in the Burton line, but one that is upgraded every year with new features. Meanwhile, we are already 5-6 generations and the Cartel is the choice of Burton's pro's. The Cartel is rigid between the Malavita and Diode and has a flex rate of 7/10. A nice rigid unit and with the re: flex version also great to bet on non Burton snowboards.

Features Burton Cartel

Medium-rigid Flex
Helps with fast, technical maneuvers, even at high speeds. Great for carving in the mountains, powerful freeriding and charging through the terrain park.

Single-Component 45% Short glass fiber / Nylon Composite Lightweight Re: Flex ™
One material throughout the material ensures a consistent response and sense of terrain control. Carbon performance without killing your credit card.

Re: Flex ™ Binding System
Offers more flex, feel and cushioning than traditional bindings, in a package that is universally compatible with all current mounting systems, including 4x4, 3D® (via Burton Rider Service) and the Channel®. The minimized, padded base plate with Living Hinge ™ disk reduces the weight and pressure of the bond, while the binding can also bend freely for a more natural flex of your board.

Re: Flex ™ AutoCANT FullBED Cushioning System with B3 Gel
Dual-density EVA automatically puts your shoe in a natural position, regardless of the position of the corners for more comfort, less fatigue and more direct control over the board.

B3 Gel - The same cushioning as Burton's high-end boots for ultimate cushioning that is designed to withstand repeated shocks without breaking or hardening at cold temperatures.

Single Component Construction
The simplicity of a one-piece hi-back means immediate response. Using Burton's book with material secrets, they can manipulate the entire flex profile - from buttery to responsive.

Zero-Lean Canted Hi-Back Design
Your legs do not go straight up, nor do your hi-backs. This ergonomic design follows the natural contours of your left and right legs for maximum control and comfort. Riders who prefer a more playful and relaxed feeling will like the Zero Forward Lean design on selected hi-backs. As always, you can still choose to crank forward for a quicker check when cutting or riding icy halfpipes.

Living Hinge ™
This exclusive technology eliminates hardware and weight, but allows you to independently adjust your Forward Lean and hi-back rotation.

DialFLAD ™
The higher the Forward Lean angle on your hi-back, the faster your heel edge turns. Crank 'em forward for icy hits in the pipe, or back' em off for jibbing.

Hammockstrap ™ 2.0 - Everything that Burton's team riders like about the Hammockstrap, but in combination with Smooth Glide ™ buckles for a reduced profile and a more comfortable fit.

Flex Slider
Makes strapping a piece of cake with a strategically stretched hinge zone, allowing the heel strap to bend and fall completely open. Thanks to the science of forced molecular alignment, the Flex Slider is also incredibly strong.

Gettay trip Capstrap ™
Grippy rubber wraps the response around the toe of the boot for a locked fit and pressureless comfort.

Dual-Component Smooth Glide ™ Buckles - Feel how easy it can be with the most reliable buckles in the industry. The improved performance of the two-component design provides a polycarbonate barrel for improved ratchet tongue life. All buckles are equipped with aluminum levers and steel frames for strength you can rely on.

Additional functions
- Reused materials to reduce waste
- Compatible with all major mounting systems