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Anon Ski Goggles Pro Shop

Anon ski goggles

Anon is the ski goggles and ski helmet brand of Burton Snowboards. Founded in 2001, Anon stands for functionality combined with an eye for design and fashion. With a parent company like Burton behind you with the world's best snowboarders you know that when you are going to develop ski goggles and ski helmets, you have to come from a good house. The beauty of Anon is that the ski goggles and the ski helmets are seamlessly connected. When you buy a combia from Anon you will see that both the helmet and ski goggles form one whole. This is also manifested by the ventilation possibilities between the ski goggles and the ski helmet. This makes Anon's performance exceptional.

Anon ski goggles technology

Anon has taken the lead in recent years when it comes to ski goggles and functionality. That is how the brand introduced the Magnatech. These are ultra strong magnets attached to the lens and the frame of the ski goggles. These keep everything in its place, but makes changing your lens a piece of cake. You can even change your lens with the gloves. The ski goggles are equipped with lenses of excellent quality. The lenses offer an unprecedented view in all conditions and in 2018 the Sonar lens was introduced. This lens made by Zeiss ensures that all unnecessary or lack of light is compensated, making you as a snowboarder or skier you just have to focus on the terrain. You can read more about the Sonar lens in this article . Anon introduced the MFI a few years ago. MFI stands for Magnetic facemask Integration. Your face mask is therefore integrated with a pair of strong magnets in the ski goggles. So you have no cracks and your face stays on the temperature that you like.

Anon ski goggles for women and men

Anon offers a wide range of ski goggles (or on his English Goggles). The competitively priced Anon Helix with an extra lens. Then we have the MFI, which is equipped with an integrated facemask for the Shaun Whites among us. The absolute toppers are the Anon M2, M3 and new is the M4 eyewear. These ski goggles with magna tech in the lens ensure a very fast change of the lens when the weather turns. The lens is held by strong magnets which ensure that the glasses remain where it is. The lens will also remain with a fat crash. And be honest, you're more concerned about a big crash than your lens stays on your glasses.

We not only have ski goggles for men, but also for the ladies we have a nice collection of Anon Ski goggles. The Anon Deringer, the Anon MFI and the Anon Somerset. All these glasses have the same features as the men's models, but are more cut on the women's face. For your Anon ski goggles, go to Eurofuncenter. In addition to the ski goggles from Anon we also have ski helmets from Anon .

Besides Anon ski goggles we also supply ski goggles from ski goggles from Oakley Ski goggles and Spy Goggles . You will find more knowledge about ski goggles in our ski goggles . Read this and you know everything you need to know about ski goggles.