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Anon M3 Goggle

Anon M3 Ski Goggles

Completer than this they do not come. The M3 comes with an integrated face mask, a spare lens for bad weather, a hard goggle case and a microfibre bag for extra protection and cleaning. The Anon M3 MFI is a pair of glasses with a frame height of 93mm, which guarantees a lot of vision. The lens is attached with Magnatech, which means as much as 9 magnets that hold the lens in place. Also during a crash? Yes, even during a crash. So changing a lens is easy. The glasses are suitable for spectacle wearers and the cylindrical lens gives an unprecedented view to the outside.

What does the Anon M3 Ski Goggles offer?

Features Anon M3
- Magna-tech
- Quik lens change technology
- MFI technology patent pending
- Outlast Fog management face fleece
- No-slip silicone strap
- Wall-to-wall vision
- Over the glasses compatible
- Anon. Cylindrical lens technology
- Triple layer face foam
- ICT (integral clarity technology)
- Full perimeter channel venting
- Light weight thermoplastic
- Polyurethane frame

What's with the shipment
- MFI facemask
- Silver solex lens
- Spare Bleu lagoon lens
- Nylon compression molded goggle case
- Microfiber goggle bag