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Race / Tour SUP

For the Stand Up paddler who likes to make meters and also with a little speed there are Race and or Tour SUPS. These boards are recognizable by a slim shape with a pointed nose. Often they are also longer than an all-round SUP. This is because a longer waterline results in a faster hull speed and a better course. A riding snake is more difficult to turn around than a speedboat. This is important because you prefer to keep going straight with a tour or race sup.

These sups are equipped with 1 fin and available in both the hard and inflatable version. A hard tour or race sup are in theory and practice the fastest sups on the water. This is because with a hard SUP it is easier to cut through the water with your nose than with an inflatable. It always stays on the water. Disadvantage is that not everyone can get rid of a 12'6" or 14'0" sup, so an inflatable sup is a good alternative. 

To get the best out of a Tour or Race sup we recommend a SUP paddle with a slightly smaller blade. This is because with such a SUP you have a higher paddle frequency and you don't want to ruin your shoulder with a paddle blade that's too big. An average racepaddle has a blade size of about 600 square centimeters.