STREET & BEACHWEAR - From the street and the beach to our rack

Streetwear is the American slang for the street and sports fashion that is active in the surf, kite and windsurfing scene. This trend started in the California surf and skate scene of the early 1970s. This fashion style is inspired by street art and music. This beach and street style has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years. Especially in recent years, due to the use of social media such as Instagram, this trend has really taken off.

To keep beaches and sports accessible to everyone, these brands are increasingly responding to sustainability and environmentally friendly production. This by recycling materials or environmentally friendly product processes

A typical kite or windsurfer wears jeans, a t-shirt or a hoodie, a pair of flip flops and a cap or beanie. Brands such as Quiksilver , O'Neill , Rip Curl , Roxy and Brunotti are inspired by beach life and are known for their street and beachwear. But not just t-shirts and hoodies. Almost all brands also have beautiful dresses and skirts in the collection.

There is also an extensive collection of board shorts from O'Neill, Quiksilver and Rip Curl for the water.

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