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Snowboard Maintenance

Snowboard maintenance within 5 working days

Manufacturers do a lot of research and testing to ensure that skis perform optimally in as many conditions as possible. However, the basis for this is always that they must be well sharpened and waxed.


It is important that the edge and the steel side of your snowboard are flat . To achieve this, the board is cut over a stone. With this method, the bottom not only becomes 100% flat, but we also immediately add a necessary structure to the layer. This structure is essential to ensure that the snow (water) is removed as well and as quickly as possible. We can vary the structure depending on the conditions. In the really cold months of winter we have to sharpen a finer structure than in the warmer months where the snow is wetter.

During the grinding, most scratches and damage are ground out. However, if the damage is deep, we have to fill it with a liquid layer, after which we sharpen the board again for the same level. This way we get the bag as new with the right structure.

The steel edges of the snowboard are just as important because they ensure that you keep a grip on the snow. To ensure that these sharp edges do not bite and “bite” too much, which makes changing the edges difficult during skiing, we sharpen them by about 1 degree. In this way you have the ideal combination between grip and ease at the edge switch. The side of the steel side is then ground and the structure that the stone made on the steel customer tuned out. The steel side in the front is also slightly truncated.


It is important that your skis are properly waxed before you go on the snow. If you do not do this, there will be friction directly on the board layer, which may cause it to burn. If the layer is burned, it cannot absorb wax as well, because the pores 'melt down'. Burnt belag looks dull / white.

When the skis are ground, we fill the pores with wax. In principle, this is done mechanically, so that the finish is always of equivalent high quality.

Hot wax

You can also choose to provide your snowboard with a hot wax treatment, which is performed manually. Our employees are specialized in this and regularly follow training courses from Holmenkol to guarantee their expertise at a high level.
We first manually clean the layer and brush it with a copper brush to open the structure and remove any dirt. Depending on the temperatures in winter sports areas, a well-considered choice is made for the type of wax with which the layer is treated. This wax is dripped onto the layer and distributed over the entire surface with a special wax iron. By heating the surface, the pores open and absorb the wax. We then allow the surface to cool well, after which we scrape off the excess wax with a specially developed scraper and the layer after brushing.

When you go into the snow with your skis, the layer comes into contact with cold, causing the pores to contract and the wax to press out. This ensures that you slide off the slopes.
At Hotwax we recommend having multiple layers applied, so that the pores are well filled and the waxing will last longer this way and you will enjoy it for longer!

It is therefore essential for a good winter sports holiday that your gear is in good order. It often depends on the condition of your board, which treatment applies. We are happy to advise you and prepare your material with the utmost care.

BASIC maintenance
A basic service consists of structure grinding, edge grinding, edge tuning and waxing.

Major overhaul
With a large turn, all scratches are filled with new liquid film after grinding. Then the skis are sharpened again and provided with a new structure. The following is edge grinding, tuning and waxing.

Race or variation
This is pure indulgence! The basis is a major maintenance, however, with the difference that a very special racing structure is cut by means of various eccentric discs. The wax is applied by means of an infra-red technique where it penetrates much deeper into the pores and so you get even better sliding properties and you can enjoy it for longer.

Hot wax maintenance
Manual basic maintenance, where the wax is applied in several layers to the bottom of the ski. High quality, longer life.

Ski maintenance prices

Minor service (stone grinding+waxing) € 19,95   
Major service (stone grinding+waxing + filling) € 24,95   

Small Vario service: € 44,99
Big Vario service: € 54,99

Adjustment shoe on ski with o.B. € 5,00
Adjustment shoe on ski without O.B. € 7,50

Snowboard maintenance prices

Basic service (stone grinding + waxing) € 29,95   
Major service (stone grinding + waxing + filling) € 39,95   

Basic Vario service: € 54,99
Large Vario service: € 64.99

Do you want to have your skis or snowboard serviced? 
Bring your skis to our shops in Zevenhuizen or Oostvoorne. 

Mail to [email protected] or call 085 273 33 11

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