Hey Winter Athlete! You do not see the forest for the trees? Want to buy a pig in the bag? Are you afraid to choose the wrong? Just want confirmation of your choice?

You go skiing and you want to buy new skis or a snowboard. You've read all the reviews, friends and girlfriends consulted but doubt. It is a big investment and you are afraid that you do not make the right choice. Logical!

Let us help you with making the right choice and place the risk with us! We go this responsibility out of your way. We know what we recommend!

Where does knowledge come from?
Our knowledge comes not only from leaflets, test sheets and brand websites. We go much further! All skis and snowboards are tested by us and judged. But ........... not only by our own team! This we also do one once a year with a lot of customers who like to come with us Saas Fee Test Tour . Dozens of skiers and boarders of all levels without product knowledge or price information are to your heart's four full days all trying what season it only comes on the market, and we are there! Based on these opinions and our own mind is made up our collection! Therefore we dare to just 100% NO Risk give warranty on skis and snowboards.

How does it work?
Please fill out the contact form and we will email you a number of appropriate non-binding recommendations as soon as possible. No auto-generated form, but a personal advice of a real person. Following the advice and we make the sale around you will get from us upon delivery the No Risk Certificate stating that you have the right to return the product after your winter holiday (or bring) and together with our other product to find out from the same year.

To make use skis or snowboard sales ready, we have to give it a complete overhaul. This we bring in your account. For a ski set is € 29.95 and € 39.95 a snowboard. FAIR DEAL right?

The small print
That are not there. Everything above

Yes, I would like advice on a new pair of skis or snowboard!

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