It's been a while for most so time for some refresher work. Boarding Like a Boss we are organizing again with Snowpepper of course. Friends of the show. We teach you in 5 evenings how to snowboard technically much better. We'll either go from hard (sometimes a little uncontrolled) downhill rocketing and work towards nice stylistic carved turns! Faster and with control! You'll be much more confident on winter sports and have a lot more fun too! In other words, you will board like a boss!     

Dates and time

Starting 4 November
This evening is used to get acquainted, enjoy boarding, divide groups, explain teaching method / purpose and first instructions
Evening 2 on November 11th
Evening 3 on November 18th
Evening 4, 25 November

Test evening on 2 December

The commercial evening ;-) By now you are ready to feel and experience the differences between the various boards/bindings. Then you will also learn which type of board/brand suits you best. For this evening we invited some of our brands to come and show their stuff! Super fun and educational!   


Thursday evening at Snowworld Zoetermeer
Start 21.00 hours (or 20.30 if possible with Corona measures)
End 23.00 hours


Participation clinics and test evening excluding entrance only 80 EUR. Please note that we cannot refund money for a missed class.

We advise you to buy a monthly ticket starting November 2nd for 105 EUR and then you can go as much as you want outside the 5 evenings. For all prices and offers go to ( First sign up for the clinics and then we will indicate when the tickets need to be arranged. 

Due to Corona measures we need to reserve time slots. For every lesson missed, you will receive a 50% refund of the training fee. This way we can train with the same group every week and the quality of the training is guaranteed to be maximum!


Snowpepper works with very experienced trainers, almost all from the competition. Pepijn van Schijndel, snowboard bonds coach, specializes in carving techniques and racing.

Corona measures

We follow the government guidelines in the field of sports and maintain close consultation with Snowworld, check If in case of unforeseen (temporary) closure due to Corona training cannot take place, Snowworld is responsible for the rights and obligations to access when purchasing one of the admission tickets. The experience is that the remaining period remains creditable.

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