Ski maintenance

Manufacturers do a lot of research and testing to ensure that skis perform optimally in as many conditions as possible. The basis is always that they must be well sharpened and waxed.

It is the intention that the base and the steel side are flat ground. To obtain this, the ski is cut over a stone. With this method, the underside is not only 100% flat but we also immediately add a necessary structure to the surface. This structure is essential to ensure that the snow (water) is removed as well and as quickly as possible. We can vary the structure depending on the conditions. In the really cold months of winter we have to sharpen a finer structure than in the warmer months where the snow is wetter.

During the grinding process, most scratches and damage are sharpened out. However, if the damage is deep, we have to fill it with liquid bubble after which we have to resharpen the ski again. In this way we get the weather as new with the right structure.

The steel sides of the ski are just as important because they ensure that you keep grip on the snow. To ensure that these sharp edges do not bite too much and "bite" making the edge changes difficult, we sharpen them about 1 degree. In this way you have the ideal combination between grip and ease at the edge change. Then the side of the steel side is sharpened and the structure that made the stone on the steel customer is tuned out. The steel side in the front is also slightly demolished.

As you can see, it is essential for a good winter sports holiday that the items are in order. With us you are at the right address and your things are prepared with the utmost care.

The possibilities:

BASIC maintenance
A basic turn consists of structure grinding, edge grinding, lace toning and hotwaxing.

Major overhaul
In case of a large turn, after scratching all scratches are filled with a new liquid layer. Then the skis are re-sharpened and provided with a new structure. Then it follows the line grinding and tuning.

Race or varioboot
This is pure indulgence! The basis is a major maintenance, however with the difference that by means of several eccentric discs a very special race structure is being ground. The wax is applied by means of an infra red technique whereby it penetrates much deeper into the pores and you thus get better sliding properties and can enjoy them longer.

Ski servicing prices

Only waxing: € 10.00
Basic turn: € 19.99
Big turn: € 29.99
Basic Race or Variobody: € 44.99
Great Race or Variance: € 54.99
Adjust shoe on ski with maintenance € 5.00
Adjust shoe on ski without maintenance € 7.50

Do you want to service your skis?
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