Ski Goggles

Would you like a good view while skiing or snowboarding? Then a ski goggles is a better option than sunglasses. Ski goggles and snowboard glasses protect the face against the external influences such as cold, moisture, UV and objects. A modern ski goggles have a double lens and good ventilation. In addition, the glasses are equipped with various shades of light so that for each type a ski goggles or lens can be used. Some ski goggles come complete with an extra lens included in the price. An example of this is the Spy collection of which each pair of glasses comes with an extra bad weather lens. Anon also has an extra lens for some types.

What should you look for with a ski goggles

- The color of the lens. If it is reflective then the ski goggles are suitable for clear weather. If the lens is transparent, it is better for cloudy days.
- Face size. An adult ski goggles does not fit on a child and vice versa. Despite the fact that there are many unisex glasses, we also have special ladies' models.
- fits the ski goggles under your helmet. In 99% of the cases it fits well together. But if you want to know for sure, come with your ski helmet to one of our locations and adjust the whole. When you buy a ski helmet and ski goggles from the same brand, it is 100% sure that it fits together.

Choice of ski goggles and long shades

Ski and snowboard glasses are divided into categories. This makes it easy to choose. The specifications specify the category under which the ski goggles fall.
- Category 0 - 1 is for the lens that is suitable for bad weather. So cloudy or foggy. Often the lighter lenses are shown here.
- Category 2 is for slightly cloudy conditions.
- Category 3 is for sunny bright conditions.
- Category 4 is for very sunny conditions. Especially for glaciers, summer skiing or when the UV radiation is very high (so at higher altitudes than a normal winter sports area)

In addition, there is a choice of spherical and cillindrical lenses for winter sports glasses. A spherical spectacle is spherical and gives a wide field of view and a perfect angle of incidence of the image and light.

Children's glasses are about 12 years old, after which adults also fit.

Our brands are: Oakley - Anon - Spy - Aphex

Buy a ski goggles

Have you found your favorite ski goggles or snowboard glasses? Simply add it to the shopping cart and pay online in our secure payment environment. You can also buy the ski goggles in one of the Eurofuncenter stores. Our winter sports stores are in Alblasserdam and Zevenhuizen. Do you want to go very deep in the ski goggles matter then we have an extensive buying aid for you.