Hey Winter sportsman! Do you not see the forest through the trees anymore? Do not want to buy a cat in the bag? Are you afraid to choose the wrong one? Are you just looking for confirmation of your choice? Buy now with the unique NO RISK Guarantee.

You go on winter sports and you want to buy new skis or a snowboard. You have read all reviews, consulted friends and girlfriends, but you have doubts. It is a big investment and you are afraid that you are not making the right choice. Logical!

Let us help you make the right choice and put the risk with us! We do not shy away from this responsibility. We know what we advise!

How do we do that online?
You are not in one of our stores but want to order online. Also no problem. Order the ski of your choice and before we prepare and send this ski we will call you to discuss the choice with you. That does not have to take long because it is not a rocket science. If it turns out that you then made the right choice, we will pack up the package and send the package WITH a No Risk Guarantee Certificate .

If we find that you do not make the right choice, we will indicate a number of better alternatives. Of course you are free to go for your choice, but we will not send you the NO Risk Guarantee Certificate and you can not use this Unique Guarantee.

Where does our knowledge come from?
Our knowledge comes not only from brochures, tests in magazines or from brand websites. We go much further! All skis and snowboards have been tried and assessed by us. But ........... not only by our own team! We also do this once a year together with a lot of customers who like to come with us Saas Fee Testreis . Dozens of skiers and boarders of all levels without product knowledge or price information are trying to try it out for four full days, what the season comes on the market, and we are there! Based on these opinions and our own opinion, our collection is put together! That's why we dare to give 100% NO Risk Guarantee on skis and snowboards.

What does the No Risk Warranty mean:
You go on holiday with your new toy, we hope that it will work out as we have come up and then we will not hear from you (perhaps only positive on kiyoh.nl ) If the skis or the snowboard are not quite as desired, then contact us within a week of your holiday (by phone or email). We discuss your findings and choose a different product. You take your old skis or snowboard back and write 15% off. So if you buy a ski or board for € 400.00, we will deduct € 60.00. Fair deal? You will not get a better one anywhere!

The fine print
They are not there. Everything is above.

Yes I would like advice on a new pair of skis or snowboard!

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