Hey skier! Skiing without risk?

Can't see the wood for the trees anymore?
Don't want to buy a pig in a poke?
Are you afraid of making the wrong choice?
Are you just looking for confirmation of your choice?
Buy now with the unique NO RISK Buy Warranty.

The problem:
You're going on a winter holiday and want to buy new skis or a snowboard. You've read all the reviews, consulted your friends, but you're not sure. It's a big investment and you're afraid you might not make the right choice. That's logical!

Let us help you make the right choice and take the risk! We will not shy away from this responsibility. We know what we are advising!

How do we do this online?
You are not in one of our shops but want to order online. No problem. Order the ski of your choice and before we prepare it and ship it, we will call you to briefly discuss your choice. It does not have to take long because it is not rocket science. If it turns out that you have made the right choice, we will pack up and send the package with a No Risk Warranty Certificate.

If we don't think you've made the right choice, we will suggest some better alternatives. Of course, you are free to go for your choice, but we will not send the NO Risk Guarantee Certificate along and you will not be able to use this Unique Guarantee.

Where does our knowledge come from?
Our knowledge does not only come from leaflets, tests in magazines or from brand websites. We go much further than that! All our skis and snowboards have been tried and tested by us. But not only by our own team! We also do this once a year together with a lot of customers who like to go on a Saas Fee test trip with us. Dozens of skiers and boarders of all levels without product knowledge or price information spend 4 full days trying out everything that will be on the market the following season, and we are there! Our collection is compiled based on these opinions and our own! That's why we dare to give a 100% NO Risk Guarantee on skis and snowboards.

What does the No Risk Guarantee mean?
You go on holiday with your new toy, we hope it will turn out as we thought it would and then we don't hear from you (maybe only positively on kiyoh.nl) If the skis or snowboard are not quite to your liking, you contact us within a week of your holiday (by phone or email). We will discuss your findings and choose a different product. We will take back your old skis or snowboard and debit 15% of the cost. So if you buy a ski or board for €400.00, we'll write off €60.00. Fair deal? You won't get a better one anywhere!

The small letters
There is no catch. Everything is written above.

Click on the orange tab on the right for the form. You will receive your tailored advice from us within a day!

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