Payment delayed

Ordered before 16.00, processed and sent today. That is our promise and you can trust that. Once your payment is received, we always process your order immediately. Does it ever go wrong? Almost never. In the exceptional case that your payment is delayed by us, it may happen that your delivery is postponed for that reason.

Paid with iDEAL, no order confirmation received

Have you paid with iDEAL, but are not sure whether your order has been successful or not? Check if money has been debited. If no money has been debited, the payment has not been successful and you will not lose any money. You can place your order again.

Has money been debited, but have you not yet received an order confirmation? Then something goes wrong. We should immediately get the message that money has been credited and the system sent the confirmation immediately. Contact us and we will solve it together!

Disapproved credit card payments

It may happen that your payment is refused, which of course is very annoying. What often happens is that you order something with a credit card abroad, or vice versa. We receive a notification and then solve it manually. If all alarm bells come on, we will contact you to resolve it. That is why it is useful to always enter your telephone number with your order.

Why do we check credit card payments?

Eurofuncenter considers it important to protect our customers against fraudulent payments. Credit card payments are in fact susceptible to fraudsters. Payments are approved or rejected objectively and automatically on the basis of a large number of criteria. A payment is rejected if, for example, the CVC code or expiry date of the credit card is not properly entered, but also when an insecure Wi-Fi location, where fraud is committed, is identified.