Kitesurf lessons at the Eurofuncenter Academy

Introducing kitesurfing now €99, -
3 day kit course with sailing guarantee €260

Learn kite surfing at the Eurofuncenter Academy! You have often been standing on the water, looking at the kitesurfers who shaving over the water with apparent ease. Would it be difficult? Can I do it? Of course! Do it! Experience the addictive sensation of kiteboarding for yourself. Everyone can do it, young and old, man and woman! Success is guaranteed with the right guidance. The Eurofuncenter Academy is a member of and gives kite surfing bottles according to the German VDWS system, which guarantees safety and success. In addition, Oostvoorne and Brouwersdam are the perfect spots for learning to kite surfing.

Why kitesurf lessons at our kite surfing schools?
When you want to go kitesurfing, you must have had your kitesurfing lesson at a kite surfing school. Never get started yourself and never buy kite surfing equipment before you've followed kitesurf bottles! This could lead to dangerous situations for yourself and the environment. There is enormous proliferation in pop-up/parttime kite surfing schools. But if you want to learn to kite in a well thought out, safe and fast way you are at the right place with us. We are professionals with two fixed locations at the best learning spots. With us lessons in your small groups of max. 3 people and you also get the unique sailing guarantee. The lessons are given with the latest materials from North and GA Kiteboarding.

The Eurofuncenter Academy has well-trained instructors who all hold a VDWS certificate. All instructors have extensive experience in kite surfing and are happy to share those experiences with you. Step by step you learn how to get control over the kite. Before you know it, you are kitesurfing your first meters and have a cheering instructor! Our instructors do it with passion. 

Kitesurfing lessons at the Brouwersdam


Kitesurflessons at the Oostvoornse Meer