Kitesurf sets complete

Complete kite surfing sets

Buy your complete kitesurf set at Eurofun. nl. A complete kite set consists of a kiteboard, kite and kite bar for a very competitive price. The kitesurf sets are composed of the best brands such as: Cabrinha, Naish, North and GA kitboarding. 

The kitesurf sets are ideal for people who just start kite surfing and like to have a good set, which they will enjoy for years to come. But a complete kitesurf set is also ideal to expand your kitesurf set.

Are you going to start kitesurfing or do you have such an old set that you want to replace everything? We offer several complete sets ranging from beginners' material to all-round advanced kitesets. These sets consist of a kite, a bar, a board and some sets also have a kit pump. We always make the sharpest deals with these kitesets and you don't have to search any more! Something for every kiter!

Beginners kites are actually best allround
Most people at a beginner kiteset quickly think that you only use this kit for 1 season and have been tired of it, but nothing is what it looks like! Nowadays, most kites are very easy to set for reaction time and tensile strength. As a beginner kite you can handle an all-round kite very well, but even if you are a bit further in the sport you will notice that this kite is still very good enough if you use the correct adjustment.

You can make a kite react faster or less quickly by using different buttons on the wingtips of the kite. Usually there are 2 or 3 options and the closer you attach the pigtail to the end, the faster it turns. You can also adjust the bard pressure, which is reduced if you use the extreme connecting points.

You will learn to deal with this after a while and so you can achieve your optimal adjustment purely by feeling and trying yourself.

Don't you know which kite suits you best?
Come and visit one of our stores, send an email to or give us a bell on 085 273 33 11. We will then jointly select the most suitable kite that best suits your needs.