Buy kite trapeze? Eurofun. nl has an extensive range of kitesurf trapezes from two brands: Brunotti and ION. A kite trapeze is a very important part of your kite surfing set. Choose a comfortable kitesurf trapeze that gives you sufficient control over your kite during kiting. Buying a kite trapeze or kite harness online is very easy. First of all, choose a kite trapeze for ladies and gentlemen. Then you choose a hip or seat trapeze for kite surfing. Most kite skiers use a hip trapeze.

What connects you to your kite is your trapeze. Something you shouldn't underestimate and definitely have to fit well. There are different types of kit trapezes, varying from seat or hip-trapezes, but the height, comfort and hardness also vary from model to model. Kitesurfers who are a bit longer often opt for a kitetrapeze that is slightly higher, so you have more support, but if you are a bit smaller you will notice that a trapeze that is too high is annoying with your ribs and armpit like this one slides up.

Right size kite trapeze
If you fit a trapeze you also have to make sure that the size is correct. Keep in mind that the trapeze stretches a little bit when you use it and watch out that you don't have too much trapeze. Too small is not pleasant either, because then the hook slides up when the kite is above you or when you make a kitecrash.

As a rule, you will need to have between 5 and 10 centimetres left on both sides to tighten your cables even further and this can be measured over your t-shirt or sweater, but even better on your surfing suit. In the shop we always have a rope or kitebar hanging where you can hang on to check if the trapeze fits anywhere. Is the trapeze good? Does the trapeze press in certain places? Always check this before making a choice. Never save on a trapeze, usually it's only about a couple of pairs, but if the trapeze isn't right then you get worse yourself there every session again.

Sit harness or hip harness for kiting?
There is a big difference between sitting and hip-trapezes not only in form, but also in discipline these trapezes differ considerably. Beginning kitesurfers choose a seated trapeze anyway rather because these models attract like pants and therefore the trapeze does not creep up when for example the kite is straight above you or goes down once. Many ex windsurfers will also like a seated trapeze (if they are used to this) better than a hip trapeze.

Freeride kite surfers in particular will find both trapezes great, while the younger generation and freestylers almost all prefer a hip trapeze. This is because with a seat trapeze you can stand less upright and therefore less easily walk height or stand up for a jump. the hook is also slightly lower and therefore jumps will be more in the sitting position and it is somewhat harder to do new-school tricks. A hip trapeze will also be finer for wave kiters because of the easy twisting of your upper body. This makes it easier for you to ride golf and you feel a lot freer.

However, the disadvantages of a hip rape may be that after a crash you have to slide your trapeze back into place again because it has been pulled up and is under the armpit. Another disadvantage may be that the hook of the trapeze presses into your ribs as soon as you are a novice kitesurfer and you have your kite straight above you. However, it is true that the brands themselves have already made several handy adjustments to remove these disadvantages.