Kiteboard Bags

Kiteboard bags

Kitesurfers love to travel and combine their sport in combination with a holiday. Besides the old familiar travelling by car, it is nowadays cheaper to fly to your tropical destination. Many manufacturers have therefore developed "golf bags" because they can be carried on the plane for free. Unfortunately, at least, as the airlines have also woken up. Kiteboard bags come in many shapes, sizes and designs. It is important that you choose a kiteboard bag because the board fits seamlessly into it. Most manufacturers have the number of kiteboards and kites that fit in the name. For example, there is 2/4. Then it means that two boards fit in and 4 kites. In addition, there is also room for your kitepump, wetsuit and trapeze. 

Kitesurf travel tips:

Ask the airline company what it costs to take your kite stuff with you.
Pay attention to the size and weight of the bag. A lighter bag also saves on costs
Most board bags have a padding. It is advisable to add extra padding to your boards to prevent damage. There are bags with removable wheels. That saves in weight and when you arrive you put them back underneath. These wheels take you along as hand luggage
Unscrew the fins from your board to prevent damage to your fins and board bag.