Kitesurfing is a revolutionary sports where the athlete stands on a small surfboard and let them draw forth by a large kite.


Kite surfing

Kitesurfing has become increasingly popular in recent years and for one reason! Spectacular kite surfing guarantees a lot of fun on the water and in the air. At Eurofun. nl you will find a wide range of kites, kite surfboards, bars and kitesurf trapezes from among others Best, Brunotti, Cabrinha, Dakine, F-one, Gaastra, Ion, Mystic, Naish, North and Prolimit. You can also come to us for complete kitesurf-sets and second-hand kites to kite surfing at a competitive price.

Almost everyone nowadays knows what kite surfing is. Kitesurfing, also called kiteboarding, is a spectacular sport in which you are pulled over the water by means of a kite while standing on a kiteboard. In this sport you can make very high jumps where jumps of easily 10 meters or even higher can be made!
Kite surfing is therefore not without danger, and kite surfing at a recognised kitesurfing school before you start your 100% recommended. Never try without a lesson, because every year there are accidents with inexperienced kitesurfers that could easily have been avoided.

Kite surf kites and kiteboards
Kitesurfing requires a kite surfing kit consisting of a wetsuit, a trapeze/harnas, a kite (size varies by weight of the kite and wind strength), a kiteboard, a kitebar (steering stick with lines averaging 25m long), a kit pump and a safety leash if not included in the bar. You can now go on the water to practise one of the most beautiful water sports.

Kites also vary in size, you speak here about square meters and the most commonly used kiteset for all-round kiters in the Netherlands consists of a set of 2 kites which have a size of 9m2 and 12m2. Nowadays kites have a large wind range, but when it blows from the planets you really need a smaller kite than when there is a nice breeze. This is why you have to think in advance about the wind strength with which the water wants to rise and how heavy you are, because this also plays a role in choosing the right kit size.

There are small kites that start at 3.5m2 but these kites are almost not used because they are very nervous and you need a lot of wind with a weight of 70kg on average to kite surfing properly. Choose as the smallest kite with a weight of 70kg for a 7m2 or 6m2 then you can almost always kite with strong wind. Is your kite still too big then? Then it probably blows so hard that even with a small kite you can't safely reach the water. The largest kite you'll see today will be around 17m2, because brands nowadays have so much knowledge that you can use a 17m2 kiteboarding, even when there's almost no wind. In the past, kites of even 22m2 were also produced, but you can imagine that these kites were so big that there was almost no speed in steering. fortunately the kites of today have much more power per m2. At Eurofuncenter we also sell used kites and ex demo kites at competitive prices.

Kiteboard purchase
Don't forget to consider the type of kiteboard you prefer to sail. There are many brands so there are many different models. Every year we offer test equipment at our branches on the beach where you can test boards (but also kites) before you buy anything. As an experienced kitesurfer you are looking for a certain type of kiteboard with the right properties that fit your wishes. Then testing is a perfect way to find out if the board we recommend to you really fits your needs. Of course, what you have to do is a trapeze. This is the link between you and your kite and sometimes has to be able to endure enormous forces but can also spread these forces across your body. That's why you have to pass a trapeze before you buy it.

Testing of kites and kiteboards
Our men are regularly on the waterfront with test kites so that you can try the material to your heart's content. Want to test a kite before you buy it. We fully understand that and this is often possible. You pick up the kite from us and in the evening you return your kite.

Eurofuncenter supplies: Best Kites, Naish Kites, North Kiteboarding, Cabrinha Kites, Brunotti Kiteboards, GA - Kiteboarding.

In addition to the kitea offer, Eurofuncenter has a kiteboard school under the name Eurofuncenter Academy. Here we teach beginners and advanced students. Pitch is Brouwersdam, one of the safest kit spots in the Netherlands. So if you want to surf kitesurf, first go to Eurofuncenter.