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Kite bars

You can hang out at a bar .. And not just a bar where you can order a beer! Every brand has its own kitebar and every brand has its own security system. Opinions about this are obviously different and the kitefora are full of discussions about who has the best and who does not. But in the end it all comes down to the same thing: they make our sport a lot safer anyway! At each bar you will find a depower system with which you can trim the kite, a chickenloop to join yourself to the kite but also to disconnect if necessary, steering lines, power lines and of course the steering stick itself.

Line length of a kitebar

There are often different line lengths per brand, but also with the brands themselves. The average is 24 meters. Freestylers often opt for shorter lines because it makes your kite a lot more direct and faster, the kite is better to fly in harder winds and your kite will also be able to lower and this is what the more extreme kiter likes: kiteloops like Ruben Lenten! On the other hand, you will notice that a (certainly an extremely) shorter line length will result in a less good low end and a more punishing way of reacting.

Width of the kitebar

As a rule, a kitebar for a small kite is shorter than for a larger kite. This is because a longer bar makes the kite more direct, so the kite can react even too quickly. That is why different widths can be obtained. There are also brands that release 1 kitebar but that you can adjust yourself in width. Super idea of ​​course because then you can exchange your kitebarren per size so that they both wear equally quickly or you use 1 kitebar for 2 kitemates.

Kitebar per brand interchangeable

It is possible to exchange kitbars per brand, but there are some things you have to pay attention to. The difference in line length (control lines and power lines) must exactly match the original bar that belongs to the kite. There are brands whose steering lines are slightly longer than the power lines or vice versa. With most brands, however, all lines are equally long. You measure these line length differences when the depower stage is at 100% power and the bar is fully engaged. What you have to pay attention to are the connections (called pigtails). These pigtails consist of either a loop or a button and this differs per brand. Possibly these can simply be reversed. If you are not sure we can advise you, but the very best of course remains the bar that comes standard with the kite.