Kite Impact vests & water helmets

Impact vests are available in different sizes and types. The biggest differences are in the number of pads, whether there is a zipper in it to easily put on and whether your trapeze under or over it. These special impact vests ensure that the impact is absorbed by working with soft pads that are incorporated in the entire vest. These pads are especially on the chest, back, belly and ribs.

The material they are made of is almost always neoprene and they are always very tight around your body. This is the best way to catch the blow. Driving vests are also made of other materials, because they have to sit less tight around the body.

When you are going to buy an impact vest or a floating vest, be careful that you choose the right size. Preferably, a vest about what you will wear the most. You only wear him in a warm country where you only have a lycra on, then a T-shirt is fine, but if you wear it over your surf suit we advise you to first wear a suit to find the best size.