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Kite surfing and an air pump are inextricably linked. You have to blow that thing up after all. We supply a wide range of kite pumps from renowned brands such as North Kiteboarding, Cabrinha, Naish and Bravo. A good kitepomp is resistant to sand and salt water and prefers to have a double pump action so that the kite is pumped up quickly.

A kitepomp is also good for a SUP

We get that question more often. Although the pump looks the same, the connection of a SUP pump only fits on a SUP valve. That is why it is difficult to have one pump for all disciplines.

Double action kitepump

With such a kitepump you will be ready in no time. With both going up and down you blow air into your kite. Nowadays all good kitepumps have a double action.

How hard do I have to inflate the kite?

This frequently asked question is a personal question. One wants his kite to be pumped really hard while the other prefers to sail more loosely. So it's a matter of trying which version you like best. We always recommend choosing the factory pressure and then experimenting. In addition, temperature is also a matter to take into account. As you know, air expands with heat, so on a hot day you can pump your kite less hard and still have a hard-inflated kite.

Why a hard kite

Hard is simply better. A hard kite gives a better response and responds better to the bar movements. In addition, releasing a hard-inflated kite is much easier. A folded kite doesn't relaunched very easily.

When is the kite at the right pressure?

Q. How do I know that the kite is at the right pressure? If there is a pressure gauge on your kitepump then you can of course read it. If you do not have a pressure gauge, there are three ways to find out if your kite is full.
A1. You continue pumping until it is difficult. That is an indication that the kite is hard enough.
A2. Tap the leading edge with your finger. If it gives a hard poing, the kite is usually hard enough.
A3. You can also try bending the kite. If the kite is easy to bend then the kite is not pumped hard enough.