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After kite surfing, windsurfing now also embraces foiling. In France it has been an emerging trend for years and we are seeing more and more people on the water in the Netherlands. Major brands such as JP, Fanatic, Tabou and Starboard come with special foilboards. We at Eurofuncenter have been following (mainly) technical development for a while and have decided to include it in our range.

What makes windsurf foiling so much fun

It is not comparable to planing with a wind force of 5. It has its own very satisfying dimension, but it often gets stuck and strangled underneath. with a foil it is unwise fun to go over the water full of gas. Without opposing the waves, as if you were floating over the water. A bizarre feeling. You hear nothing and feel nothing. Silence .... but sailing if the rest is NOT sailing!

Windfoils difficult?

Unlike kitefoiling, windfiling is much easier to learn. However ............. you must learn everything, including foiling. If you can enjoy windsurfing, you need about a day to get through the foiling. Daana is getting more and more fun very quickly!

What does a windfoil cost for a windsurf board under your own?

Developing a good windfoil is not easy and the production is very precise. The construction must also be very strong. Wind foiling may be relatively expensive to purchase at first glance, but bear in mind that your light weather sailing quiver will therefore also have to be less large, so it will compensate each other. Save the 9.0 square meters with the corresponding mast nicely. A high-quality foil such as the Zeeko foil costs € 999.00 for a tuttlebox board

Windfoil board - use your own slalombak or buy a separate foil board

When you see a foiler going it all looks fairly mellow, but make no mistake about the forces that the foil exerts on your board. So the question is whether your box can handle these forces. In the meantime, experience has shown that this is not the case. If you want to know specifically what the experts are doing to strengthen the box, it is often necessary to drill holes next to the box and fill it with glass mat and epoxy. Something you don't do immediately in your favorite toy. The Zeeko windfoil has overcome all this constructively and can easily be screwed under your own board.

The specific wind foilboards such as those from Zeeko are wide, short and have a slightly higher scoop. Because of this the board does not bite into the water if you make a nose dive. Because you do not need to walk, or hardly ever, with this board, the rails are a bit rounder. This also benefits forgiveness. A windfoil specific board has two rails where the foil is attached. This way the forces are better distributed. The Zeeko board also has an additional tuttle box so that it can also be used as a windsurf board.

The Foil mast

Here the use of materials determines the costs. Carbon is naturally stiffer and lighter. And therefore more expensive and offers better performance. There are also aluminum foil masts. These are slightly less stiff than the carbon variants, but a lot cheaper. We have chosen Zeeko based on experiences we received from experienced French foilers. The price / quality ratio is great and for under 1000 euros you have a topfoil that has just come out of a French windfoil test!

Length foil mast

The length of a foil mast is around 70 to 80 cm. That is quite a serious height above the water! To speed up the learning process or when the water is shallow, masts of around 40 cm are also available separately.

Zeeko Wind Foils are a very affordable alternative to the carbon wind foils that are available.

The stabilizer

The front foilwing is balanced by the stabilizer. This part determines the horizontal stability of the windfoil.

The Foilwing

This is the part that provides the lift of the whole. As a rule, the larger the foilwing, the more lift you generate. This in proportion to the wind force. In addition to the wind strength, the material use, profile and thickness are partly due to the amount of lift that you get


The connection between the frontwing, stabilizer and foil mast. The forces that work on this are enormous. In the beginning, opt for a longer fuselage, which will benefit the sailing characteristics. The whole is then quieter on the water.

Rental Windfoils

In Oostvoorne we have the Zeeko windfoil with possibly the Zeeko Sun7 board for rent.