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Fanatic Windsurfset Gecko HRS 2022 + Gaastra Hybrid 2021

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Product description

Fanatic Windsurf Set Gecko HRS 2022 + Gaastra Hybrid 2021

What's in this windsurf set

Board: Fanatic Gecko HRS 2022

Sizes: 100 /110 /122 /135 /148

The Gecko is the most accessible freeride board on the market, designed to grow with your level - stable and forgiving for your first planing and "stand in the footband sessions" - quick and super smooth jibes. The key is the compact design combined with a wide and thin profile that makes the board more stable at rest and quick and comfortable to plan. Updated the three key sizes (122/135/148) with a wider and more parallel outline, improving acceleration, while the slim rails and tail width support your jibes and help maintain speed through the turn at all levels. Perfect to equip with a Duotone or Gaastra sail.

Sail: Gaastra Hybrid 2021

One windsurf sail with which you can go in all directions! The Hybrid guarantees performance and fun, whatever the conditions!

For whom:
The Hybrid is a serious option for anyone looking for a range of sails with which you can experience all forms of windsurfing. Whether it's blowing hard with waves or freeriding with soft wind conditions, the Hybrid guarantees a lot of fun with a large wind range. The Gaastra Hybrid was introduced last year! With three sail lines within one reach, the Gaastra Hybrid is the most complete line on the market. Each size has been specifically developed for the purpose of use. Each size has a change in design for the right wind and water conditions.

Wherever you want to take it, the Hybrid is sure to feel right at home!
The smaller Hybrids from 3.7 to 4.7 are the small size that act as power wave sails for plenty of control, early planing - and maneuverability for windy days with rolling waves. A four slatted design with a full X-ply window. The fiberglass slats offer impressive performance and durability.

From 5.2 to 6.4, the Hybrid transitions into a classic 5-lat bump and jump profile, for high speed, stability and power in the sail. These mid-range sizes are the perfect choice for when conditions get a little less consistent. Fiberglass and tubular battens in the center of the sail create a perfect profile for stability and performance. When the conditions start to get a bit more difficult, the X-Ply window provides protection, making the Hybrid resistant to damage.

In the largest sizes from 6.7 to 8.2, the full 6-slat freeride profile offers the fastest combination. A combination of tube slats and the full profile maximizes freeride power for early and fast planing, even on the lighter days. The Hybrid 2020 was updated with the brand new parallel batten concept and changed the shape in the seams, making this powerful series of sails smoother and more beautiful. The new lat specifications in the larger sizes reduce backhand pressure in challenging conditions.

With the Hybrid 2021 you can invest in a minimum number of sails, but still maximize time and performance on the water. A complete line from 3.7 to 8.2 makes the sail perfectly suitable for all types of conditions.

Most important features:
Mast type: constant curve mast bend
Parallel batting concept
New batten specs
Posi leech
Dacron luff panel
4 mil metallic x ply
5 mil clear monofilm on 6.7 and bigger
5 mil color mono film
4 mil clear x-ply window on 6.4 and smaller

What else is included with the windsurf set:

- Mast extender
- Mast foot with Universal pin
- Tikatan Pro Boom in the recommended length to match the sail size chosen
- 40% Carbon Mast (two-piece) in the recommended length to match the sail size chosen
- Pick-up cord

This set is delivered complete to your home or can also be picked up at one of our branches.

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Fanatic Gecko HRS 2022 + Gaastra Hybrid 2021
FanaticGecko HRS 2022 + Gaastra Hybrid 2021