Sore feet when skiing?

You retract your shoes after a year in the closet and then immediately into the snow.  Au.... painful burning feet are often the result. Bootfitting is therefore the answer to a delicious painless winter sport.

Bootfitting only for the ski pros?

No of course not. Every year, our specialists take courses with the renowned brands to gain knowledge of the latest techniques. In this way they bring the knowledge to the winter athlete who likes to get rid of the mountain without pain. The ski boot is the connection between skier and ski. Unfortunately, the design of the shoe is such that the outer shell has to be hard in order to transmit the forces. This allows you to change carves, jump and speed without any problems on the piste. The complex construction of the ski shoe makes the fit very difficult to change. The outer shell of a ski shoe encloses a textile liner which is held together by adjustable ramps. When these three things come together on your foot, knowing that no foot is the same can cause problems. With boat fitting you can solve all the big and small pain....

Specialist in boat fitting

That is why we at Eurofuncenter have specialized in boat fitting. Our specialists ensure that after an extensive foot and leg position analysis, the ski boot is adjusted. Boatfitten therefore stands for improving the fit specifically on your foot, which in turn results in more fun during gliding.

What does boatfitting mean!

1. Tailor-made soles
A musthave for any skier or snowboarder. Often the soles of the ski shoe manufacturer leave something to be desired and the choice is made for custom soles or separately available soles for a better fit.

2. Froams
Snowboard and ski boots completely tailored to your needs.

3. Milling milling
Is there a spot not nice? We milling away some material in the outer shell where it hurts. Then you can continue on the slats for longer.

4. Printing out
Gives the foot more space in the areas where the shoe pinches.

Boat fitting for snowboard boots

Applying another sole can remove a lot of misery and pain. But our boat fitters also know their way around snowboard boots. By adding or removing additional material in the inner shoe we can improve the fit. Eurofuncenter is happy to advise you on the possibilities of boat fitting. We do the boatfitting at our branch in Alblasserdam. Check out our collection of ski and snowboard boots here.