Eurofuncenter Buying Guide

Welcome to the Eurofuncenter buying Guide. In this overview of articles you will find all information about the sports we sell. For example, we have various articles which are found on winter sports. For example, the article that describes what to pay attention to when you buy a ski glasses. We also have an extensive article about buying a snowboard. What you have to pay attention to and where are the pitfalls? If you already have a snowboard, but if you are still looking for a ski helmet, then we explain in the article about buying a ski helmet from where you have to pay attention.

Wind-, kite surfing and stand up padding....
We have also written a nice series of articles for the people who want to be on the water in summer (or winter). If you want to practice the beautiful sport of stand up paddling, you can read more information about the stand up paddle boards here. More looking for action than kite or windsurfing maybe more for you. Read more about buying a kite or buying a kiteboard.

Need a wetsuit?
A wetsuit is an essential part of your water sports experience. The many sizes and varieties available do not make it any easier to make a choice. With our explanation of what to pay attention to when you want to buy a wetsuit, choosing it becomes easy.

Should you have any doubts after reading all the information, we would of course be happy to provide you with information. Contact us at or (+31)085-2733311.