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Reef was founded in 1984 by the Argentinian brothers Fernando and Santiago Aguerre
In the same year, they left from Argentina to San Diego, where the home of Reef was established. Reef 's products became hugely popular among surfers, making the company grow rapidly.

Reef slippers:

Reef has stood for beach, sea and action since the beginning. In addition, Reef has been supplying high-quality slippers for years. So you buy a Reef slipper for a longer period of time. With the funny features such as the bottle opener in the sole, or the hidden stash pocket, Reef always knows how to surprise people. Also for this summer the collection is surprising again and a beautiful and attractive slipper line has been presented for both; ladies, gentlemen and kids. Nowadays, a Reef slipper is also indispensable in the streets and has become a serious part of current fashion and trends.